A Very Zombie Christmas

Once again, the holidays are upon us and it’s time for a very zombie Christmas.  The horde gets into the swing of things with a song.  It is a little known fact that zombies are quite fond of caroling.  Now yes, it is true that as we go from house to house we do eat the occupants, but during this special season, if you listen closely, you’ll often hear an underlying melody in our incessant moaning.

In a fit of Yuletide cheer, the For Zombies team took it upon themselves to compose their very own rendition of that timeless holiday classic “Jingle Bells”.

Jingle Brains

Shambling through the snow

Seeking out our prey

To your house we go

Groaning all the way

Brains in hand we sing

Sending you in flight

What fun it is your guts to fling

To our slaying song tonight

Jingle Brains, Jingle Brains

Oh, we love our brains

We ripped them out while you cried

Your smelly horse we slayed

And after a couple, well – okay – a few of their favorite malted beverages, the zombies even agreed to be filmed performing their song.

So it is with great pleasure, that For Zombies presents to you “A Very Zombie Christmas”.

As an unfortunate side note,  following the performance, they ate the production crew.  But that bit of nastiness aside, we at For Zombies wish you a happy holiday season, and all the best in the coming year!

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