Diy Wall Mounted Fruit Basket – A Simple and Stylish Storage Solution

Are you tired of cluttered kitchen countertops and fruit bowls occupying precious counter space? A wall-mounted fruit basket might just be the perfect solution for you! Not only will it free up your counter space, but it can also add a stylish touch to your kitchen decor. This blog post will guide you through creating your own DIY wall-mounted fruit basket.


  • 3 wire baskets (you can find them at most home decor stores)
  • 3 pieces of wood (size will depend on the size of your baskets)
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood stain or paint
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Level
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil

Sand and Stain/Paint the Wood

Start by sanding the wood pieces to remove any rough edges or splinters. Then, apply your chosen stain or paint to the wood. This step is entirely up to your preference – you can match the wood to your kitchen decor or choose a bold colour to make your fruit basket stand out.

Measure and Mark

Using a measuring tape and pencil, measure and mark where you want your baskets to hang on the wood. Make sure the marks are level and evenly spaced.

Pre-drill Holes

Use a drill bit slightly smaller than your screws, and pre-drill holes into the wood where you made your marks.

Attach the Baskets

Align the baskets with the pre-drilled holes in the wood and use screws to attach them securely. Make sure the baskets are level before tightening the screws.

Mount the Basket

Finally, mount the basket onto your kitchen wall. You can use screws or wall anchors, depending on the type of wall you’re working with. Once you’ve mounted the basket, fill it with your favourite fruits and enjoy your newly organized space!

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A wall-mounted fruit basket is an easy and stylish way to declutter kitchen countertops. With just a few materials and some basic tools, you can create a unique and functional storage solution that adds charm to your kitchen decor. We hope this DIY tutorial has inspired you to create your wall-mounted fruit basket!

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