For Zombies vs. Snow White – Part 1

As part of our forays into providing zombie related entertainment, the For Zombies team has been keeping up the For Zombies Twitter Feed.  John did a post on the feed back in January.  In the months since then, John and I have been recounting the misadventures of our fictional horde led by our mascot “Zombie Fred” as they lay waste to a number of delightful fairy tales.  As to be expected, our retellings involve flying body parts and all manner of undead mayhem.  But all in good fun of course.

I’ve compiled our retelling of Snow White for this blog post.  It’s broken up by the tweets, and in chronological order, although some of the tweets have been edited to fix spelling and/or grammatical errors.  The entire retelling ran from 2/19/2012 to 2/27/2012 – it starts up just after we finished off a girl in a red cloak and big bad wolf. 

As a background to some of the more obscure tweets, our horde is comprised of a number of animals as well as humans.  Over the course of our adventures, we have picked up some zombie marmots and zombie kittens who occasionally have to pull the horde out of a mess or two.  And yes, we do make a Walking Dead reference :-).

Saw some chick in the woods singing to birds and squirrels.  She could either be a lunatic or Snow White. Maybe she’ll be lunch.

Snow White was too busy singing to woodland creatures to notice the horde. Took us to 7 short, but plump appetizers er… dwarves.

The zombie marmots had their way with Snow White’s singing creatures.  The horde stopped to watch zombie birdies plummet off branches.

Dopey came out to investigate. He’s now part of the horde. C’mon, you knew he was going first.

Amidst panic-stricken dwarven cries of “Medic” Doc stepped out to help Dopey.  We had a little talk with him and now he sees things our way.

Snow White ain’t singing any more.  Now it sounds more like a blood curdling horror stricken shriek at Zombie Dopey and Zombie Doc.

Grumpy’s got an M-60 and has demonstrated in a highly empirical fashion that he’s not afraid to use it.

Grumpy managed to ventilate some of the horde, but we’re just enjoying the gentle breeze.

Grumpy sent Happy and Sneezy out under covering fire.  The horde lost track of them but well – somebody sneezed.

Happy shot Sneezy in the leg “Otis-style” and skipped back to the safety of Grumpy’s machine gun nest.

Prince Charming tried to come to Snow White’s rescue.  His horse was quite tasty, but Charming was barely an appetizer.   Snow White is quite upset.

The horde got hold of Sneezy, but now several of us appear have hay fever.  Sneezing zombies ain’t pretty.

Bashful has pushed Sleepy out of Grumpy’s machine gun nest.  He’s just swaying waiting to be eaten.  They’re trying to distract us, but why?

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