For Zombies vs. Snow White – Part 2

As I recounted in last week’s post, I’ve compiled the retelling of Snow White from our For Zombies Twitter Feed.  At the end of last week’s post, Bashful had just pushed Sleepy out from Grumpy’s machine gun nest and we were wondering what the method behind the madness was.  Again, the Twitter feed is presented below in chronological order.  I have taken some time to fix spelling and grammatical errors, but for the most part, you’re seeing the Twitter feed as we tweeted it.

Several of the horde have shambled right past Sleepy clearly mistaking him for one of us.

Sleepy keeled over and sprung the trap.  We’re all suspended in a cargo net.  Things don’t look good.  Even Grumpy is laughing.

Grumpy shouted “Die you undead bastards!” and remote detonated Sleepy – taking out a good chunk of the horde.  No more Mr. Nice Zombie.

Zombie kittens chewed through the ropes holding up the cargo net.  We came tumbling down on the dwarves.  Snow White is splattered w/ gore.

When Zombie Fred tried to bite him, Bashful stuck a flower in his mouth and batted his eyelashes.  Zombie Fred is confused.

Zombie Mary Ann growled “Get away from my husband, you cheap skank” at Bashful and then savaged the dwarf beyond possibility of reanimation.

Snow White, Happy and Grumpy have broken into Happy’s pills and are cheerily blowing bubbles as the horde closes in.

We owed Grumpy some payback.  Bits of him are dripping from the cottage ceiling.  Snow White and Happy are so hopped up on happy pills they’re laughing.

An old hag bearing an apple showed up at the door. The horde hid while Happy yelled “Here’s Johnny!” and gleefully took her out with an axe.

Eating Grumpy appears to have passed the effects of the happy pills to the horde.  Suddenly, Snow White and Happy are a riot to be around!

Happy strung the old hag up in the living room and dressed her out like a deer. Snow White and the horde are in hysterics.

As unlikely as it is, with the horde hopped up on Happy’s medicinal stash, we’ve gone skipping through the woods with Happy and Snow White.

Snow White and Happy are singing to the woodland animals.  The horde is trying, but the best we can do is groan.  Think we scared them away.

Happy’s pills are starting to wear off.  Snow White and Happy look like they took a double dose, though.  The horde is no longer amused.

After some persuasion, Snow White and Happy have joined the horde and none too soon. We just saw three bears leave a cottage.

And that ends our retelling of Snow White.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did making it up.  If you’re interested in the further misadventures of our horde, follow us on Twitter, where you’ll get the stories in real time.

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