Grimoire and Herrings Web Series

When we’re not working on our own projects or have other plans, we help out on other efforts in the Philadelphia film community. It’s good karma, but not entirely altruistic. It’s an opportunity to network with actors and other filmmakers and build up good will for when we need help on our efforts. Most recently, I gave some time to two distinctly different projects. I suspect this is the first time these two web series header images were merged.

Grimoire Web Series

It’s a supernatural series featuring magic, covens, hackers and beings from other dimensions. Given the indie budget, it has some impressive special effects backing up the mystical happenings. The director and editor, Sultan AlKazmi, is a recent graduate of Temple’s film program.

He’s active in area. While on location, I helped out with gathering sound for one of the final episodes for the first season which will be wrapping soon. I’m usually behind the camera. Sanj handles sound on our projects, but I can work a boom and monitor sound when needed.

Herrings Web Series

Herrings is firmly rooted in today’s world. Frank Briggs is a skip tracer – someone who is paid to track down people who don’t want to be found. Online identities are central to the story whose tag line is “the lie will set you free.” It’s written and directed by Keith Chamberlain. The first episode is available online and the remaining five episodes will drop sometime later this year.

I helped on this one with providing office locations for two shooting days. Being on set and not running sound or camera did feel awkward. I brought along a camera for some behind the scenes photography. I turned photos over to Keith. They’re available on the Herrings web site.

Next Up: Planet Frankenstein

Before we shoot KAISHAKUNIN next month, we have a fun teaser trailer project coming up with Newt Wallen. I’ll just leave this here and discuss in more detail in another post.

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