Small Easter Basket Filled with Joyful Surprises

A small Easter basket is a delightful and festive way to celebrate the spring holiday of Easter. Typically, these baskets are made of woven materials such as straw and are adorned with colorful ribbons, flowers, and other decorations.

The small size of the basket makes it perfect for children, who can use it to collect Easter eggs during an Easter egg hunt. It can also be filled with treats and goodies, such as candy, chocolate eggs, and toys. The small Easter basket also holds significant symbolic value.

For Christians, the basket is a reminder of the story of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, which is the central theme of the Easter holiday. The empty basket represents the empty tomb from which Jesus rose and is a powerful symbol of hope and new beginnings.

Creative and Affordable Small Easter Basket Fillers

Easter Basket Ideas for Adults

Easter is a fun and exciting time for children and adults alike. One of the most beloved Easter traditions is giving and receiving Easter baskets. However, filling these baskets with affordable and creative items can be difficult. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of innovative and cheap minor Easter basket fillers that will delight everyone!

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are a classic Easter basket filler, and there are countless ways to customize them. Fill them with candy, small toys, or even coins.


Stickers are a great way to add a personal touch to an Easter basket. Look for Easter-themed stickers, or choose stickers that reflect your child’s interests.

Art Supplies

Please encourage your child’s creativity by including art supplies in their Easter basket. Consider including items such as colored pencils, markers, or paint sets.

Small Toys

Small toys are always a hit with kids. Look for toys that fit your child’s interests, such as small dolls, action figures, or building sets.


A good book can provide hours of entertainment and education. Consider including a small paperback book in your child’s Easter basket.

Play Dough

Play dough is a classic children’s toy that always stays in style. Include a small tub of play dough in your child’s basket and some fun accessories like cookie cutters or small toys.

Mini Games

Mini games are a great way to keep kids entertained. Look for small games like travel-size Connect Four or tic-tac-toe.


Everyone loves snacks! Include small treats like fruit snacks, crackers, or popcorn in your child’s Easter basket.

Hair Accessories

For the little girls in your life, consider including cute and colorful hair accessories like hair ties, clips, or headbands.

Outdoor Toys

As the weather gets warmer, outdoor toys can provide hours of fun. Consider including bubbles, sidewalk chalk, or frisbee in your child’s Easter basket. With these creative and affordable minor Easter basket fillers, you can make this Easter a memorable and enjoyable holiday for everyone.

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Small Easter Baskets for Toddlers Safe and Fun Easter Gift Ideas

Easter is a beautiful time of year to celebrate with loved ones, and what better way to do so than with an adorable Easter basket for your toddler? However, finding safe and age-appropriate Easter gifts for little ones can be a challenge. Here are some safe and fun Easter gift ideas for small Easter baskets for toddlers:

Stuffed Animals

A soft and cuddly stuffed animal is a perfect addition to any Easter basket. Look for ones specifically designed for young children, with embroidered eyes and noses and no small parts that could be a choking hazard.

Board Books

They are sturdy and durable, making them the perfect choice for young children who love exploring and playing. Choose books with simple words and bright colors to capture your toddler’s attention.

Musical Toys

Toddlers love to make noise and music, so consider including a small musical toy in their Easter basket. Look for toys with soft and pleasant sounds that will be manageable for young ears.

Sensory Toys

Toddlers are curious and love to explore, so consider including a sensory toy in their Easter basket. Sensory toys can help develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and sensory exploration. Look for soft toys with different textures, squishy toys, or exciting sounds and shapes.


Young children love bubbles, and they are a safe and fun addition to an Easter basket. Look for non-toxic bubble solutions and wands that are easy for little hands to hold.

Play-Dough: Playdough is a classic toy that always stays in style. Choose a non-toxic, age-appropriate play dough set for your toddler, and include fun accessories like cookie cutters or small toys for added fun.


Puzzles are a great way to encourage problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination in young children. Choose simple puzzles with large pieces that are easy for little hands to grasp.

Crayons and Coloring Books

Toddlers love to draw and color, so consider including a set of non-toxic crayons and a coloring book in their Easter basket.

With these safe and fun Easter gift ideas, you can create a small Easter basket for your toddler that they will love and enjoy. Happy Easter!

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Miniature Easter Baskets A Charming Addition to Your Easter Decor

Miniature Easter baskets are a delightful and charming addition to your Easter decor. These tiny baskets are perfect for decorating your home or office space during spring. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, making it easy to choose the ones that best match your decor.

You can use miniature Easter baskets creatively to enhance your Easter decor. You can place them on your dining table, mantle, or bookshelf or use them as a centerpiece arrangement. You can also hang them on your Easter tree or use them to hold Easter eggs and candies.

Miniature Easter baskets are not only decorative but also functional. They can serve as unique Easter gifts for your loved ones, filled with little treats or trinkets. You can also use them as placeholders for your Easter brunch or dinner, making each guest feel special.

DIY Small Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with some fun DIY Easter baskets for your kids? With creativity and simple supplies, you can create the perfect Easter baskets that your kids will love. Here are some DIY small Easter basket ideas for kids to get you started.

Paper Plate Basket

This is a simple and inexpensive way to make a small Easter basket. All you need is a paper plate, a colorful ribbon, and scissors. Cut the paper plate in half and then cut slits around the edge of each half. Fold the slits to create a basket shape, then tie the ribbon around the top to secure it.

Mason Jar Basket

Transform a mason jar into a cute Easter basket. Fill the jar with Easter grass and add small toys or candy. Tie a ribbon around the top of the pot and add a tag with your child’s name.

Felt Basket

Make a soft and colorful felt basket that your kids can use for years. Cut out two circles of felt and then cut strips of felt to create the sides of the basket. Sew or glue the sides to the circles and then add a handle made of ribbon.

Egg Carton Basket

Recycle an egg carton and turn it into a mini Easter basket. Cut the lid off the carton and then cut the cups in half. Paint the cups in bright colors and then glue them together to create a basket shape. Add some Easter grass and small treats inside.

Bunny Ear Basket

Create a basket with bunny ears for a fun Easter twist. Cut two bunny ears from felt or cardboard and attach them to a small basket. Add some pom-poms or other decorations to the ears for extra flair.

These DIY small Easter basket ideas for kids are easy and fun, and your kids will love them. Customize them with your child’s favorite colors and decorations to make them even more special. Happy Easter!

Small Easter Baskets Fun and Easy Easter Crafts for All Ages

Fun and Easy Easter Crafts for All Ages is a fun and engaging craft activity that is perfect for celebrating the Easter season. This craft project involves creating small, personalized baskets filled with treats and gifts for loved ones.

The materials needed for this craft are simple and readily available, making it an accessible activity for all ages. Participants can use various materials such as paper, felt, fabric, ribbons, and colorful thread to create unique and beautiful Easter baskets. They can also decorate their baskets with stickers, paints, markers, and other decorative items to add a personal touch.

Frequently Asked The Question

How do you put together a small gift basket?

To put together a small gift basket, follow these simple steps:

  • Choose a theme for your gift basket, such as a spa day or a coffee lover’s basket.
  • Select a basket or container that fits the theme and size of your gift items.
  • Gather small gift items that fit the theme, such as candles, bath salts, chocolates, or coffee beans.
  • Arrange the items in the basket, placing more oversized items in the back and smaller items in the front.
  • Fill in any gaps with tissue paper, shredded paper, or other filler material.
  • Wrap the gift basket with cellophane and tie a bow at the top.

What do you put in a small Easter basket?

Small Easter baskets typically contain items such as chocolate eggs, jelly beans, small toys, stickers, and other candy treats.

Are Easter baskets at EBT eligible?

No. Easter baskets are not eligible for purchase with EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) because they are not considered a necessary food item for a household’s nutritional needs.

What do you put in mini baskets?

Mini baskets can be filled with various small items, such as candies, chocolates, mini toys, jewelry, small plants, or other small trinkets that fit inside the basket.

How much does the average Easter basket cost?

The average cost of an Easter basket can vary widely depending on the size and contents of the basket, as well as the location and retailer where it is purchased. However, according to a survey conducted in 2023, the average cost of an Easter basket in the United States is around $25.


The small Easter basket is a delightful and charming spring holiday celebration. This miniature version of the traditional Easter basket is perfect for children or adults who want to indulge in the festive spirit without going overboard.

With its compact size and adorable design, the small Easter basket is easy to carry and can be filled with sweet treats and small gifts. It’s a great way to spread joy and happiness to your loved ones during this particular time of year.

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