The Zombie Casserole Chronicles – Part Four

Our usual Thursday post happens to be on a Friday.  After a busy week and Thanksgiving, I finally have a chance to catch my breath and slow down a pace.  Hear that? No? That’s good. It’s the sound of a quiet house as I enjoy the day off.  Last weekend was another story.

Andy Prokurat, who plays Wally in Zombie Casserole, put sleep aside to come out this past Sunday and finish filming a few pick up scenes including dinner preparation and watching a zombie news broadcast. He could have been watching a blank screen to be filled in later in post editing, I wanted to give him good motivation for some Archie-Bunkeresque responses to the undead protesting for voting rights. And so the week prior was spent putting together a news clip. It still needs music in the breaking news clip and a better voice over than what I’m providing.  Nonetheless, it’s good enough to give Wally something to shout at.

I’m particularly proud of the news scroll items.  Not all of them made the cut.

  • Expresident Zombie Reagan announces plans to campaign for Z-Party
  • two-alarm fire at crematorium, zombie activists suspected
  • undead protesters motion to abolish double-tap rule
  • zombies partner with ACLU to promote zombie suffrage, undead demand the right to vote
  • Ted Nugent faces allegations of running an illegal zombie game preserve (personal favorite)
  • retailers prepare for Black Friday by barricading themselves in shopping mall
  • zombies nationwide insist on being called “undead Americans”
  • dozens of zombies found massacred in remote farm house

Next up is editing and more editing.  We’ve gotten all the footage we need.  Not it’s up to us to deliver.  We’re estimating three to six months to put it all together.  Here’s hoping it’s closer to three than six.

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