The Zombie Casserole Chronicles – Part Seven

This last week we edited one of the big showpiece scenes of our short film Zombie Casserole.  It’s Scene 10 – the zombie activist meeting.  In an earlier post, John detailed how we filmed a zombie protest scene complete with badly put together signs and a reporter.  On that same day we also filmed a meeting of the activists – which by the way takes place in creepy looking basement room.

In this scene, the leader of the zombie activists, Zombie Fred, groans a stirring and grandiose speech as he fires up his shambling horde.

These horde scenes really gave our makeup artists, Alicia and Derek the opportunity to shine.  Each of our zombie extras got a nice closeup, showcasing the work of the artists.  Here are a few examples:

Still More Zombies

Some of my favorite makeup was done on Zombie Fred.  Since the back of the actor’s head was shaved, the makeup artists attached a bunch of sticks using liquid latex, making him look as though he’d been impaled in some sort of horrible gardening accident.


This also has one of my favorite scenes in the film, in which we filmed Zombie Fred backlit and from the floor, giving him an imposing presence (this was a suggestion from a friend of mine).

Bow Down And Worship Me Suckers!

In spite of having to remind people not to giggle, which was difficult, given the silliness inherent in the scene (c’mon, zombie activists?), and the copious amount of beer we supplied, we managed to film some impressive stuff.

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