The Zombie Casserole Chronicles – Part Twelve

So here we are nearly one year from the date of the project’s inception.  For the past several months it’s felt like we’ve been taking one step forwards and two back.  If it’s not issues with sound, then it’s issues with light stands in shots that need to be removed, or trying to figure out how to do what should be simple DVD authoring using Adobe’s stupid products.

So it was with a considerable amount of joy that John and I got the news that Zombie Casserole was selected to be shown on Saturday evening August 17’th at the 2013 Mascara & Popcorn Film Festival in Montreal.

Not only is our film getting a premiere, but it’s outside the country.   Eeeeeekkkk!!!! (Sounds of Sanj squealing like a little girl).

Last year our short Blobageddon was screened at the film festival, and John and I made the trek north and sat in a room with a bunch of complete strangers and watched them watching our onscreen hijinks.

This year instead of a 5 minute short featuring ourselves, we’ll be presenting a 27 minute and 40 second film with a cast of 20 plus an assorted crew that was shot over the course of five extremely full days, and as I stated earlier, represents nearly a year’s worth of pre and post-production work by myself, John and musical and audio genius Shmoolie.

We’ve done a few test runs with friends and family over the past couple of months to make sure the sound and such were right, but this will be the first time it’s showing in front of people who had absolutely nothing to do with our production.  We’re still doing some tweaks, but at this point it’s very nearly the final product.

So on that note, there’s no time like the present to step into the deep end!

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