Trailer Released, Premiere Announced

The official trailer for “Kaishakunin” is now available!

As you can see (and hear) in the trailer, the success of our Indiegogo campaign is allowing us to make something truly special. The costumes, the props, the locations, the production values, the music — all of that and more were made possible thanks to generous donations from our crowd-funding contributors.

The trailer not only gives a taste of the story — it showcases the talents of our fantastic cast and crew. In fact, for the first time, you can witness the post-production work of Chris Schramm (the color designer who is converting our footage to black and white) and Spencer Lerner (who is providing the original music and sound design).

This trailer release is just the beginning as we count down the days to the release of the film itself. “Kaishakunin” is on track to come out this summer! We’ve even scheduled an official premiere. On Sunday, July 23, at the Newtown Theatre in Newtown, Pennsylvania, “Kaishakunin” and two other short films (“Killerz 2” and “Hunting for Justice”) will be screened for the very first time! You can learn more at

If you’re into indie horror films, you’ll really enjoy this event. Members of the cast and crew for each film will be in attendance, and we’ll all be part of a Q&A after the screenings. (By the way, you’ll see some familiar faces and names in “Killerz 2” and “Hunting for Justice,”  as some members of the “Kaishakunin” cast and crew worked on those other two films as well.)

If you can’t attend the premiere, you’ll still have other opportunities to see the film. We’ll provide more details as the release date approaches. So please like and follow the “Kaishakunin” Facebook page to get all of the latest news.

And if you enjoy the trailer, please share and help spread the word about “Kaishakunin”!

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