Undeath Got You Down? For Zombies Has the Answer!

New to the world of the undead and zombies?  Have the side effects of sudden reanimation worn off and the novelty of searching for fresh brains lost its initial luster?

It’s hard for most of us to get past the continual moaning and consumption of raw flesh that take up a large part of our day-to-day activities, but really – once the prey’s gone – what is there?

Have no fear, John and Sanj and the rest of the friendly folks at “For Zombies” want you to know that you’re not alone.

We’re here to help

It’s a sad fact that too many zombies end up spending their waking moments drooling in a dark corner of some long abandoned warehouse waiting for some hapless quarry that will never come.  And this is all without realizing that they could be out in the world accomplishing satisfying and engaging tasks that bring on a whole new dimension to the afterlife.

For example – what happens if you’ve been gorging yourself on a quiet neighborhood full of those pesky “breathers”, and then happen upon a few more of the freshly injured only to realize that you’re stuffed?  Do you just shamble off and let some other lucky member of your horde find them?  Proper knowledge of first aid and other preservation techniques can help ensure that you never go hungry again.

Check out First Aid for Zombies, where we answer those very questions.

We’ve also put together Brewing for Zombies where we teach you how to make your own beer, and Grilling for Zombies where we show you some other options for consuming meat (it’s not just raw anymore).

Additionally, we’re working on a number of other projects to help our fellow members of the undead “live” up to their full potential.

John and Sanj hard at work

So, check back often!  And remember – “Undeath – it’s really a beginning!”

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