For Zombies Takes On High Capacity Magazines

It’s come to the horde’s attention that there’s an ongoing national gun control debate centering on a proposed ban on high capacity magazines.  We thought we should weigh in on this.  Many of you breathers feel the need to stockpile weapons in preparation of a zombie apocalypse.  Some even go so far as to prepare for a fight against government forces.  More on the former stockpiling in a moment. 

As for the anti-government militia crowd, if you really think your cache of AR15s can stop a predator drone or an A-10 wart hog bearing down on your compound, you’re in for a rude awakening.  The days that a militia stood a chance against an organized military are long gone.

Go ahead and get all the high capacity magazines you want.  That’s fine by us.  Every bullet is like ringing the dinner bell.  Keep letting us know where to come calling. You might feel safer keeping your distance, but you won’t feel so secure when there’s hundreds or thousands of us surrounding your stronghold.  Blades and bats require close combat, but they’re more precise and don’t get our collective attention.  We’d rather see a ban on katanas.

We do encourage you to put in on full auto and don’t mind some perforation.  It cools us down on those hot summer days and makes for fine music in a high wind.  Good luck with the headshots, though.  You can feel like Scarface until you need to switch magazines. No matter how much you have, we know you’ll run out at some point.

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